Knowledge Base, LLC

Knowledge Base is an education consultancy that has been in business since 1998. The firm concentrates on advanced technologies and organizational transformation to better serve learners, institutions and corporations in the education technology, online learning and workforce development fields. Clients range across institutions, associations and start-ups.

The firm was established and is owned by Gordon Freedman, who has been in the education and technology fields since they became active in the late 1990s. Freedman played a role in most of the Learning Management Systems and was key in taking George Washington University’s Prometheus Learning Management System to market. Later, as Blackboard’s Vice President for Global Education Strategy, Freedman visited 20 countries, interacted with hundreds of institutions of higher education globally and worked with the top technology companies in the U.S.

Freedman has been a consistent keynote speaker and writer on the future of higher education, K12 and workforce training issues. At Blackboard Freedman ran the Blackboard Institute, which brought cross-segment organizations together to work more collaboratively on student progression.

Freedman transitioned from the film and television industry into education in 1997 when he began working at California State University Monterey Bay during its start up. In 1999 Freedman joined one of the first online education dot-coms, Hungry Minds.


Other Activity

Freedman divides his time between Knowledge Base, LLC consulting engagements, writing, speaking and operating the nonprofit National Laboratory for Education Transformation better known as NLET, on the web at

Freedman founded NLET in order to work collaboratively outside the pressure of for-profit companies, to investigate solutions for persistent problems and needed modernization in K12, higher education and workforce development. NLET believes the U.S. needs a laboratory to create parity between the technology used in daily life and that used in education and training.

In both his activity as a consultant and in running a nonprofit, Freedman is dedicated to seeing learners, families and employers have more access to education and learning, greater outcomes, and very modern user tools that work as well as any apps or commercial websites.

Freedman manages a large network of relationships, and devotes time to colleges and universities as they confront needed changes in technology and culture.