Select Keynote Speaking & Participation Engagements


  • Chaos in the education markets and the management of learning
  • Paralysis in matching job seekers, training and open jobs
  • Why students deserve a single learning app that they own

Past Engagements

  • eLearning Forma Mexico!, CognosOnline, 2013, Puebla, Mexico
  • Hewlett OER (Open Education Resources) Conference, April 2013, San Diego, CA
  • NSF / OAS Radical Innovation Conference, June 2013, U Illinois Champagne-Urbana
  • Forum Blackboard de Educação, 2012, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Data Quality Campaign, April 2013, Washington, DC
  • Universities UK, Longer Term Strategy Group, May 2009, London, UK
  • Forum for Future of Higher Education, Aspen Institute, June 2009, Aspen, CO
  • Innovate-Educate New Mexico, April 2009, Albuquerque, NM
  • Blackboard World Europe, April 2009, Barcelona, Spain
  • K20 Pipeline Matters Council, Blackboard Institute, July 2009, Washington, DC
  • National Center for Technology Innovation, November 2008, Washington, DC
  • NISOD (Community Colleges), University of Texas, May 2008, Austin, TX
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities, November 2008, Hyderabad, India
  • CONAHEC, Higher Education Collaborations, October 2008, Monterrey, Mexico
  • OECD, Outcomes of Higher Education, September 2008, Paris, France
  • Blackboard World, May 2008, Manchester, UK
  • Universities UK, May 2008, Bristol, UK
  • OECD, Global Education Forum, February 2008, Dominican Republic

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